How To Link Mobile Number To Aadhaar Card Online From Home

How To Link Mobile Number To Aadhaar Card Online From Home
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Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Online

Have you linked your Aadhaar with a mobile number? Otherwise, well you might be in luck as the government has made the process slightly convenient for users that can now do Aadhaar linking from home. Just call 14546 out of any mobile number, and maintain your Aadhaar useful for linking both out of your home.

The Digital India official Twitter handle revealed the specifics of the new IVR providers and verified that this will permit any mobile user with a number of numbers to link their Aadhaar number. With the new procedure introduced, linking your Aadhaar and phone has only become easier thanks to an all-new IVR procedure introduced by the government of India.

How to connect Aadhaar to mobile number via OTP

Before calling the newest toll-free amount be sure that you have your own Aadhaar card handy in addition to your mobile number for the OTP. We can expect Reliance Jio to trigger the service in few days as well. Similarly, BSNL can also be anticipated to activate the new support.

Below are the measures that will be directed during the IVR to complete Aadhaar re-verification using new IVR service:

  1. First of all, Call 14546 from your mobile number
  2. Secondly, On being asked whether an Indian or an NRI, choose the respective option
  3. The IVR procedure will subsequently request your permission to connect Aadhaar card number along with your mobile number by pressing 1
  4. Next, mobile subscribers will be required to supply their 12-digit Aadhaar amount and press 1 to confirm. In case your Aadhaar input is wrong, you get the following choice to provide the Aadhaar
  5. An OTP will be created and sent to your mobile
  6. Next, IVR process will need your mobile number after which you will need to provide consent to your cell operator to pick your personal details such as name, photograph, and date of arrival from their documents
  7. After giving permission, IVR will now read the last four digits of your mobile number to re-confirm your given number
  8. Once, the re-confirmation is completed, users can provide the OTP received via SMS
  9. After entering the OTP, you’ll be required to press 1 to complete the procedure. IVR will then cite that the Aadhaar-based mobile number re-verification procedure was successful.

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