How To Avail An Aadhaar Card For NRI (Non-Resident Indian)?

How To Avail An Aadhaar Card For NRI (Non-Resident Indian)?
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How To Avail An Aadhaar Card For NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

Aadhaar Card For NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

Are you an NRI (non-resident Indian) trying to obtain an Aadhaar card? Well, you don’t need to worry. The government has now made a supply to issue Aadhaar card into NRIs. Yes, the Aadhaar card can also be availed by non-resident Indians.

The process to register for an Aadhaar card for NRIs is like the procedure followed by residents. A NRI can fix an appointment in either of two modes: offline and online. An NRI can apply to get Aadhaar online, through the self-service portal site of the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), the issuer of this 12-digit Exceptional Identity Number (UID) and also Aadhaar card. Instead, they can visit the enrolment centres approved by UIDAI to apply for Aadhaar card offline.

However, in accordance with the Aadhaar Act, NRIs are wholly exempted to produce Aadhaar for any confirmation. NRIs, even though they are citizens of India, aren’t qualified for Aadhaar card when they haven’t stayed for 182 days or more in the last 12 months, preceding the date of application.

Here’s a step by step guide on how NRIs can apply for Aadhaar:

Step 1: Go to the official website of UIDAI – – and find an enrolment centre near you.

Step 2: Fix an appointment online or see the enrolment center right.

Step 3: Take photocopies of files like resident proof, birth certificate and PAN card together with the Aadhaar card software form. Give all of the copies into the official in the center.

Step 4: The official at the enrolment centre will require your biometric details (through fingerprint and iris scans).

Step 5: The Aadhaar official will then give you an acknowledgement slide containing the Enrolment ID that you can use for tracking the status of your

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