Aadhar Card Download Online UIDAI @ eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in

Aadhar Card Download Online UIDAI @ eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in
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E-Aadhar Card Download Online

Looking for the simple methods to download your Aadhar card with your enrollment number or by using your Aadhar card number? Then this article is for you! You might think of, you have to download your Aadhar card online, if and only if you did not get your Aadhar card via postal mail. But it is a myth. Yeah, you obtained your Aadhar card via Indian Article; you can still download your Aadhar card by going to the official portal site UIDAI.

The Indian government has really shown us that they are taking some efforts to enhance India as a whole and that’s why they introduced us using a special identification number or Aadhaar card trying to make a difference for the stereotypical minds in the society. With time it became mandatory for its Indian citizens to obtain the Aadhaar card. Even though it isn’t the most significant record as compared to your passport or a PAN card but it’s one of the significant Indian political documents that you should possess.

Aside from the attempts played by UIDAI of having many enrollment centers across the nation, it’s still a huge pain to endure in long ques and keep enquiring about the enrollment which maybe after days or months.

e aadhar card online download, download aadhaar card copy, uidai aadhaar card download, aadhar card download by name, aadhar card download by name and date of birth, how to download aadhar card without enrollment number

These are the easy steps to download E-Aadhaar card Online:

  • When you have received the acknowledgement slip during your enrolment, ensure that you note down the enrolment amount as well as the date and time as shown below as an example. These details will help you at the additional steps.
  • Since it’s online, make certain you type the right address of the site which is “eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in”. You can type the exact same address on Google as well. A webpage will open as shown below.

Once you receive a page like this, input all the details such as the Enrolment number together with the date and time, Full title, Pin Code, the picture text for verification (this is basically for security purpose) and your phone. You have to be certain that all of the details that you submit here would be same as when given throughout the enrolment.

  • After you’ve mentioned all of your details you may click on “Get 1 time Password” so you will get an SMS known as One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile number that you’ve mentioned in the specifics.
  • As soon as you have received the SMS on your phone, the next step is to enter that OTP number from the column which says “Enter OTP” as shown above from the diagram.
  • Once you have clicked on download and validate, E-Aadhaar will be downloaded in a PDF format.
  • Eventually, you can take the printout of the PDF file and use it as a legitimate Aadhaar card.

UIDAI has made AADHAR Card obtain online process quite easy through their online portal site. It is possible to download AADHAR Card online completely free of cost, there are no fees charged by UIDAI to get AADHAAR Card download. It is possible to download AADHAAR Card as many times as desired.

The downloaded PDF document is referred to as e-AADHAR. The e-AADHAR Card downloaded on the internet as well as the AADHAR Card obtained by the article are equally considered as original and carry the same validity. To be able to download and print an identity record from anyplace at anytime and that too free of cost can come in handy in many situations. In scenarios where you’re required to offer a valid Proof of Id or Proof of Speech document but you forgot to carry one with you or did not take one for the worries of losing the original record, now you can easily download and print e-AADHAAR Card. If you don’t wish to undergo the AADHAR Card download procedure every time, you may simply download the e-AADHAAR PDF file and carry it with you at a USB Pen drive or in your mobile phone memory. You can even send the downloaded e-AADHAR Card PDF file as an email attachment to yourself, that way you can just recover it online even more readily rather than going through UIDAI portal site and download process every time. The downloaded e-AADHAR Card PDF file is procured by a key password for security. This way just who knows your password will have the ability to start your AADHAR Card PDF file. The password to open e-AADHAR Card PDF file is your pin code of the house address which you gave in the time of AADHAAR Card enrollment/apply.

Things To Remember Before Downloading Adhaar Card:

Before you can download AADHAR Card online, you want to make sure it was processed and issued to you successfully. If you already know that your AADHAR Card program was stolen and processed, you can carry on using the AADHAR Card download procedure under. If you are not sure about your own AADHAR Card status, you can examine your AADHAR Card standing here: AADHAR Card Standing. To download AADHAR Card on the internet, you Will Have to use either of the undermentioned 2 documents:

  • To download AADHAR Card online, you can use the details out of your AADHAAR Card registration slip. You will need the 14 digits “Enrollment Number” and 14 digits “Time and Date of registration” from the AADHAR Card enrollment slip to download e-AADHAAR Card online.
  • To download AADHAR Card online, you can also utilize your 12 digit AADHAAR Card number

Download Aadhaar Card without Mobile Number:

Process to Download an Aadhaar Card without Providing Mobile Number

  • The very first step of this process is to browse to the UIDAI website and click on Download Aadhaar alternative.
  • Now click on get OTP button and then input the OTP which was generated and shared with your on your mobile number or the email ID.
  • Once the OTP is supported, you’ll be able to download the Aadhaar card and the pdf file downloaded will be protected by a password. The password of the file is the area’s pin code.

There are instances when people also wind up losing their enrolment ID or the Aadhaar Card number. In this case, there’s an alternative method to find your UID or EID with no documented mobile number. Here is how you can do it.

  • Again, the initial step of the procedure is to visit the official site of this UIDAI. Once the website is displayed, you can click on the Find UID — EID button. You can access the page right https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid
  • Following the new page is displayed, you can click the EID button as you do not have a documented mobile number.
  • Now, enter your name along with the registered email address and an OTP is going to be shared with you in your email address.
  • Enter the OTP from the designated place and click on verify OTP Button. When the OTP is supported, you will receive your enrolment number on the email address provided by you.

It’s fairly an easy task to get into the Aadhaar card without a registered cellphone number but it’s surely a good idea to link a mobile number to you Aadhaar card at the earliest.

Aadhar Card Download By Name and Date of Birth:

People often lose the enrolment slip provided to them and they may also lose the Aadhaar Card that they have received. In such a case, you might think it would be a great problem to acquire the Aadhaar Card back but this isn’t true. It is possible to recover your Aadhaar card with help of your title and the date of arrival. You would also need your cellular number along with the email ID to recover your Aadhaar Card. Let us see how can an Aadhaar Card be retrieved with the assistance of Name and Date of Birth.

The entire procedure is split into two measures. The steps are described below in more details so comply with the steps to recover your missing Aadhaar card.

Part I: Locating the UID/EID

Once you are on the home page of the portal site, you can click Retrieve you Lost EID/UID connection. You can directly access the Retrieve EID/UID portal site from uidai site.

Once the portal is loaded, pick Aadhaar Number from the first column at the portal. The next step is to enter the Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and the Captcha Code. As soon as you’ve entered all the details, click Send One Time Password. You will now receive an OTP in your registered phone.

The next step is to validate that the OTP hence, input the OTP from the designated box and then click Verify OTP. Following the confirmation, you will instantly get the UID onto your mobile number and the email address. This UID will be utilized to retrieve your Aadhaar Card.

Part II: Downloading Aadhaar Card

To download the Aadhaar card, you can visit the residential portal site of UIDAI and after the portal was loaded, it is possible to click on Download Aadhaar. A new page will be displayed after you click on the link.

In the new page which has been shown, click the radio button alongside the Aadhaar Number. Now you can input the UID number that you obtained on your cellphone. You would likewise necessitate entering the title and the trap code of this home address.

Now, the next step is to enter the captcha and then you’re able to validate the mobile number. Upon successful validation, the Aadhaar Card would be downloaded.


The problem arises when the cellular number and the email address is not registered with UIDAI in this situation you would have to visit the Enrollment centre as they at the enrolment centre would just be able to help you to retrieve the Aadhaar Card with no Aadhaar Number and Without Registration Number.

Download Aadhar Card With Enrollment Number (EID):

  • Visit – www.uidai.gov.in
  • Beneath the Aadhaar Online Services, choose Retrieve Lost ‘UID/EID’
  • Make selection to Get your missing EID
  • Enter your full name, email or mobile number, and safety captcha to get an OTP
  • You’ll receive an OTP in your registered mobile amount
  • Utilize the OTP to validate your request
  • After OTP verification, You’ll Be provided with your enrolment details

AADHAAR Card Download by Name

Please note: Before, there was no system set up for AADHAAR card download from name. We have been watching the development in this region very closely. Finally, we have a system in place whereby we can check AADHAAR card standing by name and download AADHAAR card by name on the internet if it’s prepared. It can take approximately 3 weeks (90 days) to obtain AADHAAR card after you enroll at AADHAAR card centre.


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