Aadhaar Card Update/Correction (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)

aadhar card update

aadhar card update

Aadhaar card has become very important in today’s time, whether it is to open a bank account or to take a new SIM card . Anything else needs an Address Proof, you only need Aadhar Card. As if nothing is done without a base card, but sometimes it happens that whenever we build our Aadhaar
card, at that time, the person who created the Aadhaar card will sometimes have some spell Mistake or Date of Birth is wrong or if some people shift from one place to another, their address changes, then now, to change an address, we have to go back to the Aadhaar card center but now
Everything is digital, so you can work all the way home You can update online basis card at home whether it is an address or some other in the Aadhar card.  In this article, you will find step-by-step how to make online card updates (Aadhar Card Update). (How to Update Aadhar Card
Details online information) How to update update card details online.

Before knowing how to update the details of Aadhaar card, you need to know some essential thing. Take the Aadhaar card. Aadhaar card is a very important thing. It is an Indian citizen’s identity but if you give your Aadhaar number to someone In this case, information may be leaked on information such as bank account, etc. Why, in today’s time, the basis of your banks Aadhar Card Link is done so that online you can also know which corner number is from your Aadhar number. If you do not give details of Aadhar card like this, then you know how the find Aadhar card find ie address, name, phone number.

How to update aadhaar card

Step1 : Open  Aadhar Card Update website

Address change in Aadhar card or change name or change the phone number. For any type of Aadhar Card Update, you will have to open the official government website of Aadhar Card which is available at www.uidai.gov.in You can open this direct website by clicking on it. After this you will get many options, if you want to change the address, then you will have to click on Update Address (Online).
If there is water, then some information will be written there and take it to the Aadhaar card and after this, you can submit your address update / correction request Please Proceed. So you Proceed Pay per click

  • Open the support card update website
  • Now click on Address Update Request (Online)
  • Proceed after this. Click on



Note: From now on, if you have to change phone number updates in the online base card or you have to change, then in this case you will have to go to Aadhar card center because you will need a biometric authentication without changing your phone number.




Step 2: Enter the Aadhar Card number and enter the OTP

Like Proceed After clicking on it you will have to log in, then enter the number of your base card next to the Enter your Aadhaar number / VID box, which is written on your base card, then insert the captcha code which appears to be written. Next to the box of Text Verification (Required) and then click Send OTP like Click on Send OTP, then a message will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number, which will contain the Code Put in Confirms OTP Code is to make these ahead and then log ie submit base card updates (Aadhar Card Update)

  • Enter Aadhaar Number in Enter your Aadhar number / VID box
  • Now enter the number written above in the text Verification (Required)
  • Click Send OTP
  • Enter and Submit OTP Code.




Step 3: Now tick the address

As soon as you log in, after that you will have some options show in front of you, you have to tick in
front of the address option. If you want to change the address card in the Aadhar card, then after
clicking on submit you can easily Online Aadhar Card Update can be done at home only.

  • tick the address
  • Click submit now




Step 4: Now ll the details in the form and submit it

As soon as you complete the three steps, now you will open a Contact details form. You will have to complete all the details which is asking for the form. Let’s consider one by one all these options. Which one do you have to fill in the box. Know how the Aadhar Card Update is filled with the details
carefully filled.

Note: You just have to fill one side details. You will get a side English and a side Hindi, if you place any details on the English side then the Hindi itself will fill itself. You just have to fill one side.

C/O: Change this to make you s / o and write in the name of your father in which it will be written on the back side of the base card if you write C / O in the back side of the base card, you have to select C/O and If  W/O is written, then you choose this option, write whatever base card you have
written in the backside of the address.

House/ Bldg/ Apt: In this box you have to enter the address of the new house i.e. to update the address on the basis of the new house where the new house where you are currently staying, for example written in this box, address 13 / 20-B, Write 13/20-B in the box, whatever your address, this is just a example.

Street / Road / Lane: Here you have to write the name of your gallery as if you live in Upper West, then Mumbai andheri west of Mumbai

Landmark: In this box you have to write a nearby item which is Famous, such as the Near By Address. Any such mark that reads the nearest of your address, is written in this box.

Area / locality / sector: In this box you have to write your area or sector if your house is in Sector 10 then the written sector 10 can be written here. If you do not know then you can also write the name of the area.

Pincode: Now enter your area’s pin code such as 1100__ which is also the area of your area’s PIN code.

Village / town / city: As soon as you fill in the details, this village will show the name of your village, then you have to choose which village is your village. You will get the option.

PO: PO means you have to select the post office, which is the nearest office of your house, that option will be included in it, then select it.

District: In this box you have to choose your district from the district
state: Choose your state in this option, like if you are from Delhi then select delhi if you are from Bombay then select bombay etc.

After filling all the details, now you have to click Submit Update Request. After this you will see Confirmation for details whether it is correct or not, then check the details and then click on Proceed if you have entered something wrong in the form then modfiy pay If click is correct then click on go ahead and follow the forward process, so in this way you can fill the form for Aadhar Card Update Address .






Step 5: Upload the address document now

After all this work is done now the most important thing is to update address updates in the Aadhar card. Your current address proof must be uploaded to your scanned copy and the document should be self-attested and your name will be mentioned in the document. Signature should be here but you can put an address proof on some things so that it will prove that you are currently staying on this address. Yes, there are several summaries on the list where you can check which corner you can upload, check the list of the valid documents list for this. There is a list of all the valid documents here.

  • Upload scan copies of proof
  • Click submit now
  • Click Yes option



Step 6: Tick the KDMS option now and then SUBMIT

As soon as you do this, you will get the option of BPO SERVICE in the last, then you can get the same option which is karvy kdms, select it and then click on SUBMIT. After doing this, your Aadhaar card update address.



After this there will be a message show of Aadhar Card Update Request complete. Now you have to update Update Request number or click on download to download this file so that you can later add Aadhar Card update the status of the update.



Within a few days after this you will get the message sent to your registered mobile number whether the address has changed or whether you want to return to the same website by clicking on the Check Status – Update done Online, by clicking on Update Request number, you can check your status. So in this way you can easily update the online card.

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